Mental Health Through an FASD-Informed Approach: Supporting Diverse Learners

Apr 23, 2021 at 09:00AM PDT
150 minutes

Canadian youth are generally affected by a mental illness or disorder at a rate between 10-20% in Canada (CAMH, 2021). Supporting the mental health of students is fast becoming a vital part of every Educator’s repertoire. Current studies suggest that individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (a developmental disability 2.5 times more common than Autism) will experience mental illness at a significantly higher rate, around 90% (Pei, 2016; Popova, 2016).

FASD is a mostly invisible, brain and body-based disability. Many individuals with FASD, who are experiencing mental health problems often go undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed. Using an FASD-informed approach and joined by SD57’s Mental Health and Addictions Specialist, Josh Van der Meer, we will provide effective strategies to support student mental health in our classrooms.

Current research suggests that 1 out of 25 students in BC schools will have significant impairments due to prenatal alcohol exposure, as such, this presentation will be a valuable learning opportunity for any educator.


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